If you are interested in using tiles for your home, it is important to know which types of tile are available. Not all tiles can be used for every purpose. Understanding the differences between the various types of tiles will ensure that you select the tile that serves the best purpose for your particular tile remodeling project. Some types of tile include sandstone, slate, granite and marble. While there is quite a selection of colors and appearances amongst these types of tiles, it is very important to know which tiles are best for specific remodeling jobs.

Placing tile in the bathroom and the kitchen requires a certain type of tile because of water contact. Bathroom tile must be able to withstand water contact on a consistent basis without deteriorating. Such tile as granite is highly preferred because not only can it hold up against water; it is also anti-bacterial so there is less chance of mildew and mold. High traffic areas such as kitchen floors or even an outside tiled area would do well with slate. Slate comes in a variety of colors, and it is very durable and has much versatility.

Decorating a bathroom with tile is very popular. Many people like the look and if you are interested in creating an elegant, luxurious bathroom, marble and onyx and commonly used to tile bathtubs and the flooring around them. Marble that is used in the bathroom must be sealed because it is porous. The unique variations in color of marble tiling allows you to select the color and look that suits your bathroom décor.

If you live in the Elmhurst area, you can finally make your remodeling dreams a reality by selecting a quality tile contractor that can assist you in choosing the tiles that are best for your remodeling project.